zondag 7 april 2013

afwegen van risico's: wie bepaalt?

gevonden op mijn tijdlijn op Facebook vandaag: "The question isn't, "Does a woman have the right to put her baby at risk?" The question is, "Who gets to make the risk-utility analysis in decisions around childbirth?" We as parents get to choose to put our babies at risk every day. I choose to drive a car, I choose what sports they play, I choose if they are allowed to ride a bike, if they ride on the road or sidewalk. Why is birth different? Every day until they are choosing for themselves I choose the risk benefit ratio I feel comfortable with. No one's evaluation of risk to benefit is the same, since we all look at things through our own personal perspective. I wouldn't risk hockey, but many of my fellow Canadians do. My risk- benefit evaluation of vaccines is different that others. Only the mother can choose how to assess risk and benefit for her baby. Especially since she has to take into account her own risk benefit. The next question is who's rights are more important. What if the mothers life is at risk in order to benefit the baby. Happens every day in birth with c-sections. Who gets to choose which life is more important. It should only be that mother."

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